Temperature Controller

Experience total comfort with a customizable Kinequip Temperature Controller

The Touch Temperature Controller is a state-of-the-art solution designed to control the temperature in specialty vehicles with ease and precision.

With four different types of controllers available, including branded options, Fahrenheit, and Celsius degree options, you can choose which one best meets your needs.


Our Touch Temperature Controller features: 

  • Reverse printing on scratch-resistant, anti-glare acrylic for durability and ease of use.
  • Smooth surface that can be easily wiped down for sanitary purposes, making it a reliable and hygienic option for temperature control in emergency vehicles.

The Touch Temperature Controller offers five outputs for driving relays, each fully protected with automotive-grade fault indication and recovery.

Additionally, the device also features a fault-tolerant CAN bus communication system and a temperature probe with a 15-foot cable for accurate temperature readings.

Technical Information

The Touch Temperature Controller operates on a nominal input voltage of 13.8 VDC for 12V automotive systems and has an operating current of 0.25A.

The output current is 1A per channel and is active low, with a recommended wire size of AWG 24-18 and strip length of 0.31” to 0.35”.

When setting up networked systems, it’s advisable to use the Kinequip brand communication cable for the network connection and a J1939/11 cable for communication purposes. To prevent ground loops, make sure to connect the shield drain to a 12V ground at a single point.


  • Input Voltage – Nominal 13.8 VDC (12V automotive systems)
  • Output Current – 1A per channel Active Low
  • Operating Current – 0.25A
  • AWG 24-18 wire 0.31”-0.35” strip length
  • Kinequip brand communication cable must be used for network connection
  • Temperature Probe with 15-foot cable
  • J1939/11 Cable is required for networked systems