Custom Switch Panels

At Kinequip, we provide customized switch panel that meets the requirements of specialty vehicles. By working hand in hand with our clients, we gain an in-depth understanding of their specific needs, allowing us to devise solutions that not only meet, but also exceed their expectations.

Our team of experienced engineers and designers possess the skills and resources needed to create top-notch solutions for a diverse range of specialty vehicles. Explore our offerings below to see the possibilities we can bring to the table.

Printed Panels

Our printed panels combine style and functionality seamlessly. Crafted from impact-modified acrylic with a matte finish, these panels are attached to endlighten acrylic for impressive brightness. Becuase it’s reverse printed, it makes for an easy clean, they provide a professional and practical solution for enhancing specialty vehicles.

Sprinter Front Switch Panel


Our product features a striking bright backlit legend achieved by using reverse UV printing on an impact modified overlay attached to a light guide plate. You can customize it further by adding your own logo.

Ford Transit Front Switch Panel


We use reverse UV Printing and attach a tough, modified overlay to a custom vacuum form-fitted plat for optimal security. Add your logo to complete the look.

Standard Rear Switch Panel


We ensure top-notch quality through reverse UV printing of an impact-modified overlay attached to a light guide plate, creating a vivid bright-backlit legend. Choose from a range of 7-12 switches to fully customize this panel.

Engraved Panels

Our panels are created using a specially designed, impact modified acrylic. The text on these panels is sharp, easy to read, and lights up when there’s backlighting. It’s a perfect blend of durability and clarity, making our engraved panels a fantastic choice.

Front Console Switch Panel

Basic KCS-FCP-01

Our backlit panel features precision laser engraving on custom acrylic material and includes a decorative border and securely fastened mounting holes.

Front Console Switch Panel

Advanced KCS-FCP-01

Building off of the KCS-FCP-01, but with the option to add any siren of your choice. The design includes cutouts for key components like Kinequip temperature control and the Kinequip Amp/Volt Meter.

Action Area Panel


Precision laser engraved, backlit panel on custom impact modified acrylic with decorative borderline and mounting holes for a secure fit.

Additional Services

Vectorizing Your Logo

If you don’t have a digitized format of your logo, don’t worry – our team of talented graphic designers can create a high quality version of your logo to ensure that your product branding is aligned with your company’s standards.

Loading Your Panel

For clients who want a hassle-free installation experience, we offer a “Loaded” customization option where our team expertly inserts and loads the switches into the panel, saving you time and effort during the installation process.