Specialty Vehicle Products

Comprehensive Solutions for the Specialty Vehicle Industry

Driving Innovation

Tailor-made and inventive solutions for the specialty vehicle industry.

Safety and Quality

We are committed to providing high quality, reliable and cost-effective products.

Cutting Edge Technology

Customizable products to meet your needs.

Years of Experience

For two decades, Kinequip has been providing tailor made and inventive solutions to the specialty vehicle industry that improves the efficiency and productivity in vehicle assembly and daily operations.

We understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by our clients in this industry, and we have designed our products to cater to those specific needs.

Specialty Products

All of our specialty vehicle products at Kinequip are designed and manufactured in compliance with the latest Triple-K guidelines and regulations. Our commitment to safety and quality is paramount, ensuring our clients receive reliable and safe solutions.

From the initial design and engineering phase to the final delivery and after-sales support, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. With years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we are confident that we can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Our Products

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Temperature Controller

Rev up your specialty vehicle’s performance with our temperature controller panels- highly customizable to your unique needs!

Custom Panels

Our custom panel options are expertly designed to enhance and meet the unique requirements of specialty vehicles.


Illuminate your specialty vehicle’s performance with our cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Volt and Amp Meters

Power up your specialty vehicle with our custom built meters providing pinpoint accuracy.

Mobile HVAC System

Introducing our cutting-edge HVAC system designed exclusively for specialty vehicles.

More Products

We have a wide range of products and can meet your specialty vehicle product needs.